angles, fringe

american apparel shirtdress, thrifted belt, h&m purse, h&m tights, deena & ozzy laceup wedges

im still in the process of perfecting the high-heeled walk and nearly destroyed these new shoes stumbling around on uneven terrain. x.x



on my tippy toes

american apparel cropped tee; american apparel shorts, diy tights, doc martens

thrifted shirt; zara shorts; steve madden trikki booties
thrifted top; forever 21 pants and boots

i got my first dslr the other day and naturally i went on a photo rampage. i also bought a bunch of new shoes recently so that prompted a photoshoot rampage. so after the first couple of shots it was officially decided that posing solo for pictures that requires you to look stoic is ...awkward. so very awkward. which is why ive cropped out as much of my face as possible in this series of shots.
anyway. leaving on monday for an impromptu vacation to costa rica. hoping for glorious photos with my heavy new camera.
happy friday!



it's official. and it's hot.

due to the scorching hot weather today, i was finally able to wear this Ariel-esque dress that i bought from a shopping event a year ago. it was love at first sight. so much so that i didnt even bother trying it on. ("JUST CHARGE IT.") but when i got home and tried it i was extremely displeased with the results so i cursed the shopping event, the dress, my impulse, and immediately shoved it into the dark nether-regions of my closet. HOWEVER.
when i tried it on today, something miraculous happened.
the dress, like wine, had aged into wearable goodness.
im glad. because it was f&&king hot today and that dress doth breathe.